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General Garden Maintenance & Repairs:

  • Regular Maintenance Program - can be made to suit all requirements.
  • One off Maintenance Trips.

EG: * mow, edge, blow off, hedge, weed, spray, removeal of unwanted items, clean gutters etc etc.

Lawn Mowing & Edging:

Zero Turn Mower:

  • 44 inch cut
  • Small enough to get into tight areas, but big enough & fast enough to make lite work of small acerage.
  • Full catcher system for those manicured lawns.

Weeding & Weed Spraying:

  • Hand weeding available to clean out that over grown garden or rock pathway etc. - & onces that is done keep it under control with regular spraying (herbicide)
  • Can help with problem weeds in your lawn by recommending a selective herbicide to use, or can be done for you on a regular or one off basis.

Pruning & Hedging:

  • If you have hedges there is nothing better than keeping them in a nice shape,  regular hedging will help the plants to thicken up & always looking healthy.
  • Pruning your trees, roses etc will help then to grow bigger & better each season & always looking beautiful.

Rubbish Removal:

  • Garden waste,
  • Complete house clean outs

Small tree lopping:

  • Trees on small blocks or acreage.
  • Remove cuttings after.

Kabota Tractor

Kabota Tractor (Slashing)

  • 4ft Slasher & 5ft Finishing Deck
  • 4 Wheel Drive



  • A new System installation to water the whole yard or just fix a broken system.
  • Water tank installation.

Turf Laying & Top Dressing

  • Remove old turf & apply new turf to that same area, finish with a top dress.
  •  Create and prepare a new area for  turf,  Lay, Dress,  to finish.
  • You Choose the brand of Turf wanted.
  • Can sauce the best price of turf,  pick up & deliver only


  • Spray the problem area with the right fertiliser for the problem or situation.
  • Can call on a regular basis to spray to keep the area from any more problems


  • Draw, Quote, Source best materials, leave client happy.

Low Set Roof Gutters

  • One off gutter cleans.
  • Regular: If done on a regular basis its not as big off a job & no trouble when the rains or fires come.

Concrete & Edging

  • Edging:  Garden beds.
  • Concrete:  Paths, Garden shed slabs, Rock walls. etc



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